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Quartz Carpet Flooring Systems

Quartz Carpet floors provide an elegant, seamless, wear and tear resistant, dust resistant and chemically resistant floor finish with excellent heat conductivity that offers a pleasant walking experience. Their pore filled surface conducts heat well for an enjoyable walking experience.

This flooring system is composed of natural glacial aggregates encased in clear epoxy or polyurethane resins for optimal use both indoors and out – suitable for home, offices, hotels, motor showrooms or retail environments alike.

Architects & Flooring Installers

This system works similarly to traditional epoxy floors but offers the added bonus of being able to incorporate logos and inlays – creating striking creative environments both indoors and outdoors for businesses of any kind. Plus, there’s a range of chemistries available.

Quartz Carpet comes in both open pore and pore filler formats to fill spaces between stones with epoxy resin, providing an easily mopped surface. Furthermore, its highly flexible nature receptive to underfloor heating makes it adaptable enough for customization with logos or inlays.

Unity Series


Quartz carpet floors differ from their porous natural stone counterparts by being non-porous and fully sealed – meaning no space for germs and bacteria to accumulate between pebbles – thereby making cleaning much simpler.

This slip resistant and durable flooring system is compatible with underfloor heating, easy to maintain and more environmentally friendly than a concrete floor. 

Our epoxy systems come with either decorative or solid color topcoat options for maximum versatility in garages and industrial settings. These floors are durable, slip-resistant, chemical resistant and highly wear-resistant; supported by an ultra-high performance polyurethane coating which features chemical resistance as well as wear resistance.

Features & Benefits:

Perfect for Residential & Commercial Applications:

Pool Decks

Emerald quartz carpet flooring systems are used in both in ground and above ground pools. These systems are seamless, resilient, slip resistant floor coverings made up of colored natural quartz granules mixed with epoxy resin that offer slip resistance. Used globally across continents this unique flooring is great as it eliminates places for germs to hide or thrive – creating an extremely hygienic surface!


Quartz carpet flooring can provide a convenient, waterproof solution in basements prone to flooding or frequent moisture, garage floors and any area subjected to excess staining and dirt accumulation. Furthermore, this seamless finish can even be installed over existing concrete slabs for seamless finishing effects. 

This seamless stone flooring system is trowel-applied on site, using natural glacial aggregates mixed with clear resin binders and available in various shades to produce unrivalled aesthetics and performance criteria. Available with either open or closed pore structure for ease of laying. With its unmatched aesthetics and performance criteria, this floor is suitable for luxurious residences as well as commercial projects worldwide – ideal for use in luxurious residences as well as custom commercial projects around the globe. Hygienic, it can withstand heavy furniture with soft foot massaging finish that durable slip resistance; naturally rounded stones take on temperature changes effectively so warming in winter while cooling in summer.

Designing with Quartz Carpet: How Architects Can Incorporate this Unique Flooring Option into Their Projects

Quartz Carpet is a unique flooring option that architects can incorporate into their projects to create visually stunning and durable spaces. The material is composed of natural quartz granules, which are bonded with epoxy and polyurethane resins to create a seamless and durable finish. Architects can use this flooring option in various spaces such as residential properties, commercial buildings, retail spaces, and hospitality environments. With its customizable colors, textures, and patterns, Quartz Carpet offers endless design possibilities for architects seeking to create unique and modern spaces. Additionally, the low maintenance requirements of Quartz Carpet make it an attractive choice for architects looking for practical and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions.

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