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Yes! Quartz Carpet floors are durable, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including patios, pool decks, and walkways. 

Absolutely! While Quartz Carpet floors are the preferred choice for high-end homes and elite businesses, they are low maintenance. 

No! Quartz floors can be installed directly over existing ceramic tile, saving time and money on the removal process 

Yes! It’s impossible not to notice the difference Quartz Carpet floor makes to a luxury home or elite business. It really distinguishes already beautiful spaces, elevating the aesthetics and inspiring wow reactions. 

Whether you’re noticing cracks around your pool, patio or inside your garage, Quartz Carpet is a thick-trowelled system that makes it possible and easy to instantly rejuvenate old concrete to look brand new. 

Comparison chart -- Quartz Carpet vs. Epoxy

Quartz Carpet


No solvent

Cures in a few hours

Sound Properties



Simple, fast installation

Quartz is 92% natural


Slippery when wet

Requires solvent and the strong fumes that come with it

Long curing time

Considerable contact noise

Tends to crack or chip in high traffic areas

Shorter lifespan, temporary solution

Installation requires several steps

epoxy is 0% natural

More applications, both commercial and residential Ideal for industrial applications 

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