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Quartz Carpet – New Trends in Floor Coverings

Our external quartz carpet system is UV stable and does not yellow over time like some other seamless stone flooring systems on the market. It is also suitable for floor heating and the system can be used with or without an under-carpetIt is an excellent alternative to traditional epoxy and polyurethane systems, which can be very costly to maintain. Unlike epoxy and urethane, which are poured as a liquid on the floor, quartz carpet is applied with a trowel, creating a very durable surface that can be repaired by your applicator. It is extremely slip-resistant, which makes it ideal for areas where people walk in bare feet. It is also a great choice for commercial and industrial projects where the floors will be exposed to chemicals, oil or grease. It can be combined with a vapor barrier for added protection and is easy to clean with detergents or steamers. It is very popular for car showrooms and professional offices. In addition, it can be heated and is a good conductor of heat. It will warm up much faster than other materials and can be warmed up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  The textured surface of the quartz granules also helps to absorb and distribute the warmth evenly, making it a very comfortable floor.

Emerald Quartz 

Stone size 2-3mm. Resilient & durable stone flooring that can be applied as an open pour finish or filled. Can be used in combination with floor heating. Incorporate patterns, logos and color changes across floors and walls using special formable trims to separate colors or create distinct pattern areas. The system can also be used on stairs. This product is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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Perfect for Residential & Commercial Applications:

The Beauty and Durability of Emerald Quartz Carpet


Quartz Carpet is a seamless stone flooring system that blends the beauty of natural stones with the durability of resin to create an exceptional aesthetic surface. It is highly resistant to scratches and stains and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be applied to existing concrete, tiles or even wall surfaces and can accommodate patterns, colors and corporate logos. Its granules are coated in an acrylic resin which makes it UV stable and protects the stone from discoloration. It is available in a wide range of granule sizes and finishes. The Pore Filled finish is recommended for kitchens because it is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Quartz Carpet: The Ultimate Flooring Solution

A unique flooring system that combines quartz stone and resin. Provides a seamless and durable solution for any space. Creates a stunning and visually appealing floor. Resistant to cracks and fissures, ensuring a long-lasting floor. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Provides a unique and eye-catching flooring option. 

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