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Quartz Carpet – A Seamless Stone Flooring System

Quartz Carpet flooring systems have grown increasingly popular over time due to their seamless stone surfaces and timeless aesthetic appeal, drawing both residential clients as well as high-end commercial projects worldwide.

This surface can be applied in one seamless application and used on both internal and external surfaces, underfloor heating systems, as well as providing easy mopping with its porous finish and quick dry times.

Unity Series

Canyon Quartz Carpet Flooring

Quartz Carpet is a hand trowelled seamless stone flooring system made up of natural quartz stones combined with high-grade binder. Easily installed over existing surfaces like tiles, compressed sheeting, concrete slabs, villa board or plaster & ply, it provides resilient hand trowelled seamless stone floors for any purpose.

Resinous quartz floors are strong and hygienic floors that offer durability. You can finish these durable floors in decorative or solid color options for decorative effect and feature an MMA topcoat to withstand humidity levels up to 99% RH.

Quartz Carpet is a hand forged floor system designed to create the appearance of natural stone directly over existing surfaces, perfect for asthma sufferers. Furthermore, this versatile design enables patterns, logos and color changes to match any design aesthetic or design theme.

Quartz stones used are meticulously selected, with multiple screening steps performed in order to guarantee optimal size, shape and quality. Furthermore, the Aliphatic polyurethane binder used is 100% UV safe.

Features & Benefits:

Perfect for Residential & Commercial Applications:

Quartz Carpet Flooring

Quartz Carpet is a resilient and versatile system designed to create a textured stone finish directly over existing substrate. This type of flooring is Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments alike.

Epoxy quartz floors feature a durable urethane topcoat for chemical and abrasion resistance, making these systems suitable for decorative Dur-A-Quartz or solid color Shop Floor designs. Dur-A-Quartz & Shop Floor systems come with epoxy, MMA and hybrid chemistries with durable urethane topcoats that offer chemical, UV and impact resistance.

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