Seamless recycled glass and mirrors wall systems.

A translucent shimmering wall and floor covering, Crystal Glass combines recycled glass and mirror fragments, creating individual seamless surfaces to suit any interior project.  A unique surface for flooring and walls that create innovative statements without compromise for contemporary commercial and residential settings.

 Sidec Crystal Wall and Sidec Quartz Wall are a seamless wall application based on colored quartz or

recycled (mirror)glass granules together with a high quality acrylic binder. The granules are coated with a unique

coating system that ensures uniform color, UV stability and a color range with over 1000 color options.

Crystal Wall is available in various sizes which all give a unique textured finish from subtle tones to dynamic colors

ApplicationsWith virtually no limitations in design and application Crystal Glass can be applied directly onto most wall surfaces to add shimmer or onto fiberglass or glass to be backlit.

Industry’s leading manufacturer of custom decorative seamless glass wall surfaces.

In Sidec the passion for glass, innovative spirit, fresh vision and extensive experience result in fascinating decorative architectural glass that adds gracious beauty to museums, high-end hotels, banks, casinos, corporate offices, schools, restaurants, medical facilities as well as luxurious residences throughout the world.

Our team of design consultants are on hand to provide architects and designers with detailed consultations to achieve the perfect interior.

Quartz Carpet is the internationally recognized leader in colored quartz and resin bonded surfaces and works with architects, interior designers and contractors throughout North America on innovative projects of all sizes.

Our team of expert design consultants are on hand to provide you with detailed consultations to achieve the perfect finish every time. Our technicians provide the best project based solutions on budget every time.

Quartz Carpet’s flooring professionals provide inspections and customized solutions tailored specifically to your project, focusing on minimal downtime & aesthetic appeal.

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