Over the past few years a trend has emerged to create clean-looking seamless floors with no tile joints or dirty grout lines. This trend has encouraged leading tile suppliers to market rectified tiles, which are butt-jointed to create the seamless effect.

The natural stone flooring market has risen by 14% to capture a considerable proportion of the overall flooring market, with colour choices steering towards the more organic colour ranges. These factors are possibly the main reasons for the remarkable growth of Quartz Carpet over the past few years.

The stones used in Quartz Carpet are washed, fire-dried, have a residual moisture content of less than 0,2% and are 99% SiO2 graded into the different stone sizes. The end-product complies with stringent ISO 9002 and EU regulations.

Quartz Carpet is a seamless natural stone flooring system which is trowel-applied on site, utilizing imported glacial aggregates and clear resin binders, and available in a range of shades.

These exquisite interior and 100% UV-stable exterior floor finishes are available in open- or closed-pore structures, three aggregate sizes, gloss or satin finish and result in unrivaled aesthetics and performance criteria.

The imported alluvial glacial quartz stone is extremely hard, measuring 7-8 on the MOH (Measure of Hardness) scale where a diamond measures 10, and it is impact- and abrasion-resistant.

Local crushed quartz stone cannot be used in flooring systems as the stones themselves are filled with millions of cracks/fissures caused by the crushing process.

Products using this type of stone, without a proven track record or test results, are destined to disappoint or fail! Unfortunately, there are companies out there marketing these so-called natural quartz floors that are giving Quartz Carpet seamless stone flooring a bad name.

Claimed to be the world’s fastest growing flooring system, Quartz Carpet (almost 30 years old worldwide) is now available in over 24 countries. The company has fully trained and licensed applicators worldwide.

Quartz Carpet is looking to expand its business locally and throughout the world in 2018 and is in the process of appointing more applicators. Interested parties are welcome to apply to become registered and licensed installers of Quartz Carpet.

Apart from being totally seamless with unlimited colour combinations and design opportunities (customized logos are part of the service provided), Quartz Carpet is easy to maintain and clean (easier than carpets), relatively inexpensive to install, and is underfloor heating compliant.

“The wonder of Quartz Carpet is the seamless finish that can be created. We are extremely
satisfied with the continuous integration of the floor from outdoors to indoors.” — Greg Wright Architects / SITE Interior Design.

Our team of design consultants are on hand to provide architects and designers with detailed consultations to achieve the perfect interior.

Quartz Carpet is the internationally recognized leader in colored quartz and resin bonded surfaces and works with architects, interior designers and contractors throughout North America on innovative projects of all sizes.

Our team of expert design consultants are on hand to provide you with detailed consultations to achieve the perfect finish every time. Our technicians provide the best project based solutions on budget every time.

Quartz Carpet’s flooring professionals provide inspections and customized solutions tailored specifically to your project, focusing on minimal downtime & aesthetic appeal.

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Thanks for your interest in Quartz Carpet. We have a network of certified installers across the US to provide an amazing experience for any project. In an effort to connect you with the best solution, please connect with us using one of the following options:

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Las Vegas 2024:  June , July & August (Check back for dates).