Quartz Carpet has developed a bespoke system to provide an attractive, non-slip surround for swimming pools in commercial and residential areas.  Our hand applied Terradec surface is available in a wide variety of colors and is applied with no costly tear-out necessary and can be applied much faster than pavers or stamped concrete.

Terradec comprises natural stone encapsulated in a clear UV resistant binder. The binder will withstand the harsh sunlight, while the seamless surface is pleasant and safe to walk and play on as well as being easy to clean. Fast completion is necessary for hospitality projects and our system can be walked on in as little as 4 hours  – and is one of the key criteria in order to minimize disruption to residents and business operations.

Designers and leading architects are looking for a safe floor finish with a natural look for the pool-sides and Terradec now offers the perfect solution for problem areas like swimming pools which have always been an area of concern for owners due to slip fall accidents.

Quartz-Carpet-Modern-Seamless-Epoxy-floor.jpeg“The solution proposed by Quartz Carpet met our requirements on a number of levels including being able to incorporate designs and markers around the swimming pool area. The swimming pool projects have been very well executed and delivered on time and we plan on using the product on all of our projects moving forward.”

D.Miller, Senior Project Manager at CRI Inc.

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