Project: Municipality of Bornem, Belgium

Terradec approved contractor Sustainable Flooring were asked to provide a solution for public walkways in the town of Bornem, Belgium.

The city managers had seen standing water and flooding during heavy rains due to the impervious cobblestone walkways that had been recently completed.  This caused obvious issues for visitors, businesses and the city parks and recreation department who had to address the issues every time they occurred.

While the cobblestone walks complemented the quaintness of the village marketplace, the obvious issues that they caused with water runoff had to be addressed with an equally attractive product while conserving and enhancing the environment.

As part of the program to address the issues and restore the water flow to previous levels plans were made for a test area as assess the suitability of Terradec as a solution for the project.  Upon review Sidec was delighted to be awarded the contract to carry out the resin surfacing in two phases.

Terradec was chosen primarily for it’s porosity and durability.  It’s relatively quick installation and cure time of 2 days and seamless decorative look made it an easy decision when compared to permeable concrete and pavers.  Even with heavy rains the landscape and maintenance crews say the surface is performing well.

The 4,000 s/f project was completed in 2 phases over the course of 2 weeks with each phase taking just 2 days to complete minimizing the inconvenience to businesses and visitors.

Terradec is a hand applied finish which produces minimal noise and requires no heavy equipment.

‘The walkways have been installed for over a year and we have been very busy here in Bornem and the Terradec looks as good as the day it was laid’ says Van Brommel.

While the surrounding surfaces have been covered with water and run off, it is very satisfying to see dry, clean Terradec next to it’  ‘The main walkways previously flooded regularly and with porosity of Terradec I am very pleased with how the surface has performed so far.’

Resin bonded Terradec offers a hard wearing, low-maintenance paving solution and can be power washed to keep clean.  Terradec natural aggregate finishes are available in a range of natural colors.

Further works will be carried out within the district with Terradec to mitigate the risks associated with water run off in public walkways and their heritage sites.

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