quartz carpet - epoxy-floor-bespokeWhen it came to designing the interior for this spectacular restaurant on the Meditterenean, the interior design company was looking for a decorative surface that would be low maintenance, hard wearing and blend in with the contemporary style of this high end concept.

Terradec resin bound surfacing was the perfect solution, providing a bespoke seamless, welcoming, natural aggregate quartz finish for the entire rooftop patio dining area.

The client selected a 2-3mm Natural blend to compliment the neutral color scheme and provide a floor that could be easily maintained.

Having worked with the product on previous occasions, the designers choose Terradec from Quartz Carpet as the perfect system to compliment the overall design of the building, with the slip-resistance finish being ideal for partially exposed areas.

Deco & Co, Lebanon was able to offer a flooring solution that complemented the architect’s vision to create a modern space, whilst also providing a hard wearing and durable finish. Deco & Co’s innovative Quartz Carpet system provided a cost-effective, easy to maintain and stylish solution to this spectacular project.

Our exterior range, Terradec, is a popular choice amongst specifiers for areas including swimming pool surrounds, balconies, museums, smoking areas, hard landscaping, nightclub flooring, cafes, shops, reception areas, and holiday complexes.

The stunning Quartz Carpet system offers many benefits, including:

  • Extremely durable finish, resistant to physical and chemical attack
  • Exceptional bond to existing subfloors and chemical bond between the layers
  • Rapid installation based and ultra fast two hour cure time where necessary
  • Minimum downtime, rapid refurbishment, fast track new builds
  • Totally impervious surface resistant to UV light and weathering
  • Outstanding longevity and slip resistance that can be tailored to specific requirements
  • Totally seamless finish without joints or grouts
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • An almost unlimited range of colors and design patterns
  • Stylish finishes available in a wide range of colors which can be custom matched to existing interior.

Our team of expert design consultants are on hand to provide you with detailed consultations to achieve the perfect finish every time. Our technicians provide the best project based solutions on budget every time.

Quartz Carpet’s flooring professionals provide inspections and customized solutions tailored specifically to your project, focusing on minimal downtime & aesthetic appeal.

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