Project: Matilda Bay Brewery – Port Melbourne

Architecture: Dimase Architects


Architect: Antony Di Mase (Principal Architect)

Quartz Carpet Applicator: Alternative Surfaces

“Our decision to use Alternative Surfaces’ Quartz Carpet was to use a material that provided a seamless floor surface across the existing concrete slab at Matilda Bay Brewers Canteen.

The surface meant that we were able to clearly delineate the extent of the Brewers Canteen by distinguishing the floor from the adjacent surfaces of the Brewery. However it was important that the material was appropriate to the industrial setting that the Canteen is set.

The effect and broad pattern that we applied to the floor has had a positive effect and created the perfect floor plane from which to experience the brewery. The ability to keep the surface clean and seal the material was important in this food and beverage environment. Overall I am delighted by the material as it offers a natural and finely grained surface that worked well in the environment we wanted to create.

We love the material and we see potential in many other applications for our projects!”.

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